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!Mod Post

All right, the rules have been posted, and we have a community icon. (By the way, if anyone knows who made this, please tell me. No one I've asked can tell me.)

If anyone has any suggestions for additions or changes, please let me know!

Yarn for...?

Okay, here is what I have to trade today:

around 3.75 ounces, approximately 112 yards, of superfine merino wool, in a cheery bright green color.

around 3.25 ounces, approximately 100 yards, of superfine merino wool, in a mellow blue, green, and turquoise combo. There is, however, a spot or two where pink surfaced out of the "royal blue" yarn I was using, and made purple spots on the blue and orangey spots on the green. Some people may like these, but I'm not a fan.

Willing to swap for:

A knitted pair of saartje's booties, or a crochet translation of the knitting pattern (pm me for specific details on color, etc.)
Knitted leg-warmers or long knitted arm-warmers, made from some kind of softer acrylic yarn
Other interesting yarn
A more accurate scale for weighing yarn (this one is like 20 years old and SO not accurate)
small gold paper doilies or similar (I need like 20 for christmas cards)
Earrings to match my favorite bracelet: bright silver with round pink and silver beads, similar to these but with french hooks at the top, and maybe more dangles?
Some kind of storage solution for nintendo DS games (I have 6 that I carry around with my DS on a regular basis, but all the cases you can find for the DS and cards together are for DS lite and I have a DS fat)
Something else? I don't know...

trading trading trading

what i have to trade:

i do beaded jewelry and accessories, working mainly with seed beads. i have a few things up here on my etsy shop that will give you an idea of just a few of the things i can do, but trust me, theres plenty more! if you have something specific in mind just ask - chances are we can figure something out.

Buy Handmade

what i am after:

i am desperately in need of a warm beanie for this winter - knitted or crocheted preferably, and it is integral that it either has ear flaps or sits low enough that it will cover my ears - i work outside in the snow and when it is storming it can get pretty nasty on the extremities.

examples of perfect awesomeness:

i would HOOK YOU UP with beaded stuffs if you could help me out...

please help! international swaps totally ok (i am in NV, USA)

im also totally up for trading with multiple people... im on the hill everyday, and a girl can always appreciate a different look from day to day...

OFFERING: 1.25" buttons

I'd like to trade homemade buttons for other cool crafts.

You supply the photo images (email to me) and I will make you 1.25 inch buttons! What we trade is negotiable.

Things I'd love:
- almost anything sewn or knitted
- anything robot-related (I love robots!)
- most anything handmade

If you want buttons, ask for a trade! chariqueer@livejournal.com
So, would handmade craft supplies be eligible for trading? Because, I have some hand-dyed yarn that I'd love to trade for something, and I could totally get that up on here within a few days if it's acceptable!


A place to trade handmade tips and crafts.

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